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Alive (The Generations Trilogy #1) by Scott Sigler

Alive (The Generations Trilogy, #1)Alive by Scott Sigler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publication Date: June 14, 2015

Alive is one of those books that is difficult to review because it's better to go into this without knowing anything and most of this books appeal is the fact that the reader doesn't know what is going on, where the characters are or how they got there, and throughout the book you receive little pieces to the puzzle but it's not until the very end that the puzzle comes together and the big picture is revealed. The author, Scott Sigler, even adds a little note to the reader at the very end respectfully asking that, in this day and age of GRs, Amazon reviews, twitter, BookTube, blogging and numerous other platforms where reviews are posted, that readers be courteous and considerate enough to not include spoilers that will take away from the reading experience of others who have not yet had the chance to read this book and want to. I don't think that is an unreasonable request at all and it should really go without saying as a common courtesy in the book lovers community, as there is nothing more frustrating than having a book ruined because someone else spoils it, but unfortunately it happens. I always try to be as discreet as possible when writing my reviews but I thought it was a nice note for Sigler to include and I hope that others will heed his suggestion.

I know this is a series that has been out for a while, in fact the third book just came out and I received the arc for that one which is what prompted me to read book one in the trilogy. Overall, I had a difficult time staying focused on reading this book and getting into it but I think I've just been in a bit of a reading slump lately and I don't believe the book is at fault for my lack of interest and enthusiasm. It was very well written and intriguing but I found that the last quarter of the book was far superior to the first three, although, I guess that is because everything fell into place and was explained during the last section of the book so if you are someone who enjoys suspenseful reads that keep you guessing, and leave you hanging, until the end then this is definitely the book for you.

To give a brief description without giving anything away...the book begins when a girl wakes up to find she is locked in the dark in what appears to be a casket and finds a snake trying to bite at her neck. She breaks out into a room full of caskets, several contain other teenagers trying to break out as well so she helps them do so. None of the children know who they are, where they came from or how they ended up locked in coffins. However, they all share one thing in common and that is that they all believe it is their 12th birthday even though they appear to be several years older. They must figure out how to survive and how to escape their predicament without destroying each other in the process and the story definitely has somewhat of a "Lord of the Flies" vibe to it in parts. But they soon realize that they have bigger obstacles than each other that they will have to face and overcome if they want to survive to see the future and uncover the truth behind their past.

This was a very intriguing read and I think if I'd been in less of a rut I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was very well paced and Sigler did a great job keeping his readers needing to know what happens next and on the edge of their seats. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in The Generations trilogy, Alight, as this book ended in a way that makes me wish I had the second book in hand right now. These books aren't super long and relatively quick reads and are excellent contenders to marathon if that's something you are into. I give this book a 3.75 rating but again, I think it would have been higher if I wasn't in such a slump right now so I would definitely encourage others who enjoy this type of book, dark and mysterious, to give it a try for themselves.

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